Luis Coronel’s new album though. 😍
I could turn straight for that boy.

Sep 30


dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

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Muslim women are one of THE most under-discussed demographics in feminist circles

Why aren’t there 50k note posts talking about Muslim trans women

Or queer Muslim women

Why don’t we talk about the incessant hate crimes committed against Muslim women in the US perpetrated by white xenophobes

Why don’t we listen to these discussions. give these posts virality and circulate it into feminist communities



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Sep 29


"michael clifford is hot"


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i want a gay best friend. by gay i mean lesbian. by best friend i mean girlfriend. i want a girlfriend

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What’s the word for horny but not in a sexual way like I’m horny for Halloween but I don’t wanna fuck a pumpkin you feel

do u mean excited

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Sep 29


why did 6 wanna fuck 7

cuz 7 8 ass

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Sep 29

"A rich guy, a white guy and a black guy sit down at a table together. There’s a plate of 12 cookies, the rich guy grabs 11 of them and says to the white guy “watch out, that black guy’s trying to steal your cookie”."

- The link between class & race and how racial resentment has been used to divide the middle and working class in the U.S (via alaelia)

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ha im a piece of trash

As someone who cares deeply about the environment, I am obligated to pick you up.
Is seven okay?

you smooth fucker

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Sep 29

"Think about anyone who has come out as bisexual in the media. Megan Fox, Billie Joe Armstrong, Margaret Cho, Anna Paquin, Megan Mullally, David Bowie, Angelina Jolie. Their sexuality is usually glossed over — often times, the media decides the person is either gay or straight, depending the relationship they are currently in or the relationship they get into in the future. If a man comes out as bisexual and in the future gets into a relationship with another man, people generally define him as homosexual (such as Alan Cumming). It’s important to note both homosexual and heterosexual people are monosexual and only attracted to one gender. In saying someone is straight or gay based on who they are currently with totally negates an individual’s identity. Several people throughout have been classified as monosexual, despite identifying as bi. Marlon Brando himself was bisexual and he’s well-known as a “manly” man, it’s no surprise that people would want to erase his sexuality to fit their perception of him. Anne Frank was also bisexual; she wrote about having a love for girls and wanting a girl to date in her diaries. Angelina Jolie is one of the most well-known bisexuals and she still gets marked under a monosexual title because of her long term relationship with Brad Pitt. Yet, in doing this, people are neglecting her identity."


Bisexual Erasure: What It Is and How to Avoid It

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